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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fred and his Family

Here's a bunch of wonderful shots of the counter-protests to the Westboro Baptist Church, courtesy of Laughing Squid. Apparently they were there to protest Twitter, which further confirms my idea that maybe they really are just a performance art troupe, because having a problem with Twitter (outside of its idiocy) is like having a problem with the ocean.

WBC Tries to Protest at Twitter from Ed Hunsinger on Vimeo.

In my own take, back in 2005 on these people, I suggested that it might be pleasing to stand outside the door of their church in Kansas, holding a sign that reads, "You Are Not Christians." And it would, but I think a sign that reads, "I HAVE A SIGN" is much better. It fights absurdity with absurdity.
And absurd they are! The Westboro Baptist Church, along with all of the other things they are, are a fine example of that subset of American society that will never be pleased. Even if, for some reason, we as a nation decided to erect burning pyres for all known homosexuals in the public square of each n' every burg n' hamlet in this great nation of ours, it would still be too late, according to these people, since God has already made up his mind on the subject.

In other words, they're not looking for any converts. So what are they doing?

Dan Savage is talking now about the commercial that will not be aired regarding a gay dating website, and the commercial that will be about how abortion kills football, or something. His thoughts, and my own nasty thoughts on the subject are over on the Merc blog. I didn't say very much, just because I am so tired of this shit.

Tired of how Being A Bigot is bucking for "protected class" status. And how corporate America, as always, is glad to give it to them. Tired of how whenever corporate America isn't screaming about the evil of regulation and the need for unfettered competition, it is whining for regulation to save them from what tends to come from unfettered competition (endless mergers and prices dropping through the floor).
Tired of the worst and least credible among us being put up as paragons of truth. Tired of football, too, but that's been there a long time.


Blogger George Popham said...

Wow, the video of "God hates the world" was... That was something... I'm well familiar with Phreddy Phelps' gang, but that seemed a bit over the top even for them. I do recognize some of those people from the protests, so I guess that really was the Westboro people (Debbie can't believe that wasn't a joke.) I also have to point out that is is strange that a number of people in the choir looked like people from Olympia in the mid-90's, particularly all the angry dyke lookin' ladies. Anyhow, if that *was* Phelp's folks, then I really do begin to genuinely wonder if they mightn't actually be a performance art troupe or activists of some kind in deep cover.

Or... maybe, I mean just maybe, they are *REALLY* a church impersonating performance artists impersonating undercover activists impersonating a a church.

12:31 PM  
Blogger rich bachelor said...

I have long noted the strong visual connections between married redneck women and the ladies who live with their partners and have construction jobs.

It sort of makes one wonder about certain sects of certain monotheistic faiths being nothing more than giant bearding operations...

12:44 PM  
Blogger LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

There are some good counter protests there, but they missed two of my favorites.

Bay area performance artist Philip Huang (whose other videos are great).

In 2008, the usually brilliant Red State Update did this brilliant piece. Who would have thought of hitting on one of the Westboro women as the ultimate form of performance art?

1:42 PM  
Blogger Salty Miss Jill said...

Sing it, brother!
Yeah, football, meh.

And...while reporting the word verification is seldom funny...this time, I must tell is 'rumpy'.

8:29 AM  
Blogger rich bachelor said...

You know, I usually find those things screamingly funny. And the ones on Facebook seem to be actively and specifically that way.

And once again, the British condom commercial slogan of yore:

"When it's time for rumpy-pumpy, it's time to put it in the bag."

Thank you!!!

11:04 AM  

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