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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Gathering of Eagles

Oh dear...

Along with giving Gallagher something to do other than harangue interviewers, we seem to be including Ingrid Michaelson, who is one of those terrible results of major labels noting a growing market for Twee. And what is Aimee Mann doing there?

Well, and it's pretty clear that Lewis Black kinda got cornered on that one, and has a distinct look of 'who the fuck are you, and where's my money?' And then...Well, Daniel Baldwin. Let's just leave his name there, and think of what most quickly springs to mind.

Who would be bringing this cavalcade of...Stars-that-include-that-guy-in-the-hat to you?
This guy! Craig Marquado, who you may recall has done this before, is back as the premier entertainment...Guy who is around here in the local area!

There's not a lot to be found simply by Googling this one. Just something from Craig's magazine, and more opportunities to watch that fantastic commercial.

There's some pretty awful video there...I'm not bothering linking to it, actually. (If you go look for it, make sure to include the phrase "Jay Horton" in your search.) So really, there's very little to be learned from the Internet in this case, and what little you will learn seems to be in-house coverage.

There's still no real clear picture of what exactly Craig Marquardo does. As I've said before, the niche his magazine fills is also filled by every other monthly, weekly and daily around here. I don't believe that we were crying out for a local awards show either, but here we are. There's something compulsory-feeling about this fun I'm being asked to have here.

There is also a YouTube channel (put together by someone named 'Brett's Aunt') that features longer versions of the clips you see in the initial commercial, wherein the potential presenters attempt to come up with reasons why they should be there.
They reside somewhere on the border of funny, without actually crossing over. Nonetheless, you should at least go watch the Daniel Baldwin one.



Blogger disco boy said...

i saw this ad at my folks' house a coupla weeks back. the level of quality was... shocking. most of the people looked like they were held at gunpoint and forced to say, simply: "portland music awards".

except for gallagher, who seemingly stole his nine-year-old daughter's summer tank top. and is proud of it.

11:49 AM  

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