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Friday, January 15, 2010

(Little) Lars Larson wants Cheap airfare and Is dating A Punk tonight

I have an ongoing experiment. A while ago, in these very pages, I made use of the phrase "Lars Larson is a cheap little punk." Because he is.
For a minute or two, that meant that if one happened to Google that phrase, my use of it was the only entry there. Then I went on Blogtown PDX and mentioned how proud I was of this. So then there were two entries.

Now there's five. Four of them are me, and then there's a page put together by some faceless spam engine somewhere.
Lars Larson is a cheap little punk is a page of shopping options for those who dislike Lars Larson, I guess you could say. Or more accurately, for those who want cheap airfare while dating Punks, and have no idea how to use a search engine. I can only wonder where this will go next.

And as to the site itself, it really seems to have nobody home. Follow it all the way to the bottom, and what you'll get is a place that dispenses free sub-domains. Fascinating stuff, sort of.
It also kind of makes me wonder if other things I've written are -completely to my surprise- being marshalled to the cause of helping people find cheap airline tickets. Is this a security issue for me and mine, or is it just what happens when you Google-bomb a phrase, in the immediate vicinity of the word "Google"?

Oddly enough, the one person I know who could answer this question is someone I haven't talked to in a couple of years.
Also, I like to go that one step further and juxtapose Lars' name with an embarrassing picture.


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