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Friday, April 07, 2006

Best o' the Blogs

"okay continue from the sports day. tpe that cha sha bao or pork bun face gave back our cards after telling everyone to pick 5 pieces of litter. keeswee, weixuan, dunxin and me were like wtf? then God's light shined upon me and gave me a damn brilliant idea. HAHAHAH. the dustbin was nearby and okay i ran there and took 5 pieces of crap with the rest following me. then we go and show that lard face he tell us, " give me for what! go throw away la!" okay what the shit he told us to pick up and show him then he give our cards back. THE THING THAT WAS RETARDED THAT WAS THE LATER YOU ARE, YOU WOULD GET BACK YOUR CARDS EARLIER SO WE GOT BACK OUR CARDS QUITE FAST COS THE CARDS WERE STACKED ON TOP ONE ANOTHER AND IT WAS A BIGGGGG PILE LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I LOVE YOU TANPUAYENG."

Three Letter Acronyms gone wild! The above is from a blog titled 'lololololo', by a guy named Ian who lives in Singapore. Quiz: what is Ian talking about?

Also found today:
Burning Taper, which is this conspiracy theory clearing house of sorts, with a rare (for this type of thing) pro-Masonic outlook. We meet on the level, we part on the square.

Drift Glass, in which this guy nicely skewers all the bullshit things about this bullshit time and place we live in. Well done, sir.

"Today i am talking about schools.
Schools are always making use of puils to win trophy,medals and certs. Once you have this kind of awards, they will treat you very special. They will be very good to those very good ones and will not notice those weak ones. School is a jail for all pupils, i agree with 'i am not stpuid 1', Teacher jus look down on them and all the fault goes to them..

Previous Posts These are the thoughts of 'tps'. I'm guessing that tps is a grade-schooler from England, or some former English posession like, say, Singapore. I would have pasted all of this in, but tps enjoys using font colors like light blue and yellow, and I suspect that you wouldn't be able to read them on my template.

And from the Portland Mercury's BlogTown USA section,
Now I Am Drunk("You can only post on this forum if you are currently and legitimately drunk")
there is
this, just because, and also:
this thing by someone I've actually talked about on this blog, and indeed have been drunk with. Look at it at yer own risk.
Sorry I'm goin' hyperlink crazy here. Just a little bored. Coming soon: results of our findings within a grocery bag of old Catholic literature, found on the sidewalk right near here, and a story about my grampa.



Blogger rich bachelor said...

Oh hell. I'm noticing that even if you go through all the motions, you don't get to see drunk jackass set his face on fire. Oh well; probably for the best.

7:26 PM  
Blogger KOM said...

I never thought I would read the words "turgid" and "overlapful" in the same sentence.

12:29 AM  
Blogger Erudite Redneck said...

That top deal sounds like Jim Morrison on dope, but I repeat myself. ... made me think of this from "Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine":

"Flies in the streets, Roaming dogs in heat, Rabid foaming, A beast caged in the heart of the city, The body of his mother rotting in the summer ground, He fled the town, Went down south, Crossed the border, Left the chaos and disorder, Back there, over his shoulder. One morning he awoke in a green hotel, With a strange creature groaning beside him, Sweat oozed from its slimy skin, Is everybody in, The ceremony is about to begin ... "

7:44 PM  
Blogger disco boy said...

summer is ready when you are. i'm drunk enough (girly girl left me for a week to go to alaska)) to decipher the first paragraph. here goes:

"so anyhoo... right around the time that they were holding the sukma games at kedah, i was doing my despised community service after supper break when the resident man-in-power was all "you don't get your silly (magic/yu-gi-oh/pokemon) cards until you pick up five pieces of trash off the community grounds". this is when i get a brilliant idea: it doesn't matter how fast you clean the community grounds, they give the cards back in a predetermined order. so, kieswi, weixuan, dunxin and i ran over to the dustbin and grabbed the closest things to it and threw them in. comedy! we did the least amount of effort for the same results! we then stood first in line to receive our rewards, but the insipid thing is that it matters not when you complete the assigned task, the cards are redistributed firstly to the last person to complete the task! this was in spite of the fact that i mocked the authoritarians appearance! but because we did the job with the least amount of effort and complained about the policy long before our companions completed the assigned task, we were returned our cards back faster than usual. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! things are great! sensitive adolescent greetings, tanpuayeng."

9:39 PM  
Blogger cats dig me said...

Now I can't even get to the comments page on my church sign post. Do ya suppose I pissed off some radical righty nazi's? Good!

8:06 AM  
Blogger cats dig me said...

Try these guys:

8:17 AM  
Blogger Jacq said...

Cats, I think the bloggy server is just slow to begin with. It keeps acting up on me, too.


12:18 PM  

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