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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mixwatch: '06!

I generally make mixes as a seasonal thing, or as a response to trauma, as I've written before. The Summer Fun mix, in particular, is a serious rite of passage. It not only describes how I'm feeling, but how I hope the summer to go for me.
As I've also written, I'm sort of starting to hate summer. It has been, as far as the last few years go, all about people leaving me, or leaving Portland anyway. My mad season is fall, by the way: it gets better and better the closer I get to my birthday.
So, however belatedly, here is the track listing for Summer Mix, '06!

[ Side A,The Gentle Side]
"It's You"-Animal Collective
"River Theme"-Bob Dylan
"Behind That Locked Door"-George Harrison
"I Hear Good Night"-Low/The Dirty Three
"The Only Living Boy in New York"-Simon & Garfunkel
"The Sun Beats Down"-The High Llamas
"Pacific Theme"-Broken Social Scene
"Astral Traveling"-Pharoah Sanders
"Decatur"-Sufjan Stevens
"Amie"-Pure Prairie League
"Story of My Life"-Loretta Lynn
"I'm Not Dead"-Cool Breeze
(Cool Breeze is a guy who works in the coffeeshop downstairs. His ukelele-driven tunes are happy little miracles.)
"Ain't No Two Ways About It"-Ellen McIlwaine
(Ms. McIlwaine is an unfairly overlooked artist from the '70's who is easily the equal of Bonnie Raitt as far as slide-guitar playing and being red-haired goes.)
"Porcupine Pie"-Neil Diamond
(Easily his weirdest song.)

[Side B, the Exultant one]
"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"-Culture Club
"Come On! Feel the Illinoise!"-Sufjan Stevens
"Did You See the Words?"-Animal Collective
"A Perfect World"-Pizzicato 5
"Fire Eyed Boy"-Broken Social Scene
"Guided By Wire"-Neko Case
"Portland, Or."-Loretta Lynn and Jack White
"Street Fightin' Man"-Rod Stewart
"A Little Less Conversation"-Elvis Presley
"Thank the Lord for the Night Time"-Neil Diamond
"Here Comes the Summer"-The Undertones

And, due to intervening circumstances (and again, I'm starting to hate summer), it was followed up by an angry breakup mix, titled "A Fraction of the Sum". It takes its name from the Built to Spill track on here:
"And you've become, yes you have become
the thing you thought was dumb
a fraction of the sum"

[Side A, the really angry one]
"Spec Bebop"-Yo La Tengo
"I Still Get Rocks Off"-Blonde Redhead
"Let's Call It Love"-SleaterKinney
"Carry the Zero"-Built to Spill
"Wheels of Confusion"-Black Sabbath
"New Amsterdam"-Elvis Costello

[Side B, or, I'm starting to get used to this]
"I've Been a Long Time Leaving, But I'll Be a Long Time Gone"-Roger Miller
"Deteriorata"-National Lampoon
"Katie's Been Gone"-The Band
"Casimir Pulaski Day"-Sufjan Stevens
"Grass"-Animal Collective
"Captain Infinity"-Zen Guerrilla
"Street Fightin' Man"-Elton John (from an obscure 1970 live album; it's great)
"Run Runaway"-Slade
"The Purple Bottle"-Animal Collective
"Afro"-Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

So let's see. Stats?
Number of Rolling Stones songs done by other artists: Two
Number of included Animal Collective Songs, suggesting that I just might have a favorite band or something: Four, beating Sufjan Stevens by a margin of One point.
Songs that Everyone can sing along to: Three; "Amie", "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" and "Honky Tonk Women"
Song that Everyone will Eventually learn to sing along to: "Run Runaway"
Songs by Japanese people: Two
Degree of Roger Miller inclusion: 1/42

There y'go. I'm going to be doing another posting on "House of Cheer" today, but it isn't, as of this moment, finished. Go check it.



Blogger disco boy said...

wow. fastway?

and furthermore... wow: run runaway? did you know i have a 12" for that? that thing's just begging for an edit, it could stand to have that whole swinging triplet thing 2/3rds of the way in lopped off. other than that, all things to everyone.

4:39 PM  
Blogger rich bachelor said...

I thought that might get your attention.
I love Fastway. One of those unjustly overlooked Giants, I've always felt. Pete Way seems to have been the cause of their disappearance. When he was in his previous band (Waysted), he utterly failed to show up and open for Ozzy, when I saw that guy in '85. He was just too damn drunk, way I hear it.

4:45 PM  

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