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Monday, August 08, 2005

hello there ladies and gentlemen

Dear friends:
Due to my temendous lack of tech savvy, my last two posts appear below my third-most recent. This is because they were begun but not finished, and saved as drafts. Then I did that other one. In any case, I just can't do anything with this here damn box. Please enjoy "Farther Along" and "We Cannot Fancy". Or "History Is My Demon". Whatever.
Also, the HTML on here is all kinds of screwy, so when one tries to go to the archives for, say February (that's when the good stuff happens), one must simply scroll down: there's no listing of posts for that month.
I also saw one of our other friends on here who had a 'favorite posts' feature on her blog. I can't seem to get this, and I should, because my writing of late has bored the living hell out of me, and y'all should have some sort of incentive to check out the heart-wrenchingly good posts of, say, April (remember April? Awwww....).
Pointless Shakespeare Quote:
"Men in fire walk up and down these streets."



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