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Saturday, November 01, 2008

...And another thing...

The last people to commit voter fraud in Oregon were You People as well. Remember 2004? Nice fella in downtown, supposedly registering voters. He was caught by a local teevee news crew throwing away all the Democratic registrations.
When confronted about this by the news team, he laughed and said it was okay; his boss told him to do this. They countered that it was not okay, but more like a felony. He looked a little shaken, and noted that there were many others working for his organization all over the tri-county area.

Oregon has been generally Democratic for so long, it might almost look like a conspiracy. In fact, it's just an urban/rural split, with the rurals being pretty decidedly GOP, so you could see why one might attempt election fraud in the middle of the big, bad city.

But You People also spend a lot of your time whining when you have everything you want: endless war on several fronts, big profits for our beloved corporations, unions in terrified retreat, keepin' the fags n' niggers in their place, Christianity at its blinkered, hateful worst on the march with encouragement from the Damn Gummint itself, civil liberties widely viewed as selfish bullshit at its best, the endless pandering to humanity's worst impulses- need I go on?

Having all this plus a majority on the Supreme Court, you nonetheless continued on with the rhetoric of an embattled minority, which is what you always, paradoxically, do. But let's remember: I have a hell of a lot more to be angry about than you do at this point, Slim, and let me just say that I handle it better than you ever have.

Enough with trying to push lying bastards who hate government into governmental jobs. I, nor any other thinking individual, would employ a plumber who earnestly believes that central plumbing is evil, and must be destroyed, either. Telling us all, with your best shiny-eyed ardor, that government doing things for people in need is inherently evil, and let's just let churches and charities take up the slack, shows you for the inexcusable liar you are, and you know it. Despite you repeated inistence on parroting back every talking point favored by some mouth-breather like Sean Hannity, deep down this thing isn't even ideological for you: just money and power, and I hope they fucking paid you well.

Your brightest thinkers are, these days, understanding that they've lost any sort of substantive debate as to whether or not there's such thing as catastrophic global temperature change going on, and have instead commenced whining about how unfair it is that their viewpoint isn't given equal time. This is also true of the anti-scientific belief system known as Intelligent Design.
Remember: you had your chance to make your case. You did, and it was found wanting. Now you're busy calling the rest of us Nazis for telling you to fuck off and leave the real thinkers alone. Good luck with that.

Again, if you could do us all a favor and stop undermining society for a few years, that'd be great. The rest of us have some serious cleaning to do here. Obviously, I'm not just talking about Reinhard anymore, but does it really matter? The liberal desire to view people on a case-by-case basis and not generalize just falls apart when it comes to carp like him.



Blogger LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Hey, I was impressed by that kid in Oregon who the the ballot box Halloween costume and got 110 pieces of candy for Obama and 10 for McCain. Now let's just pray that as goes the Oregon trick or treaters so goes the country.

11:22 AM  

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