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Monday, October 13, 2008

Letter to A Not-Very-Good-At-This Candidate

Let's see what Christopher Hitchens is talking about. I always liked the guy; his Letters To A Young Contrarian is a classic, and that made it all the weirder when he signed on as one of the few leftist voices who supports our current "war of terrorism", if I can quote Borat here for a minute.

One of two things happened there, I think. Either his intense dislike of religion is doing the talking here -and of course, I don't like theocracies either- or someone put a fucking gun to his head. Anyway, as you'll note in the link above, he's endorsing Obama.
This is after noting -playfully, I thought- that pretty much every time O-bam there opens his mouth, there is something about how we need to stay in Afghanistan pretty much forever, and invade Pakistan too! Hitch notes that if this is actually the way Obama feels, and not just electioneering boilerplate, that means that he's the only one who gets it, y'know? He's the only realist of the bunch.

Of course, McCain says something equally stupid about Iraq every five minutes, and he is ridiculed for it. Rightfully so: he's a stupid, senile old liar, but have you watched him? He at least can encapsulate his ridiculous positions into something self-contained and quotable, whereas Obama can't answer questions at all.
When called upon to do so, the man that Hilary Clinton called "BRR-ACK!" in her finest voice-of-the-henhouse tries to elucidate his thoughts, and just can't. He talks himself in circles, wastes way too much time defending himself against the childish accusations of his opponent, fails to burn said opponent on the ridiculous assertions he makes -even though they're really stupid- and above all else paints himself into unfortunate rhetorical corners like our need to spend our final years as any sort of world power invading Pakistan, when we're not busy fighting Russia, that is.

Now, does that mean that I'm voting for The Party of Pure, Unadulterated Evil this year? Of course not. I'm a Party of Grave Disappointment man going way back. But I just gotta say it out loud here so everyone can hear it: I kinda think our candidate is a moron.
For instance, Brrrack, I'll give you a gimme here: next time that War Hero guy over there is drooling about how nice n' safe nuclear energy is, put on your best Serious Face, look at him and say, "So, where are you planning on putting all the waste?" Just that. It's an argument that utterly trumps his, and makes him look like the doddering old fool that he is.

And why don't you? I understand that you just standing there looking like a gentleman makes you seem presidential to some people, especially when the other guy is clearly pooping his pants and wanting like hell to call you "those people", but c'mon...You've got everyone's attention, so why don't you point out exactly how evil and stupid the other side is? This is a year when no "conservative" should win, and the only reason some will is because you've got about as much balls as Nancy Pelosi.
So let's do it; call a feeb a feeb. Call a Nazi a Nazi. And quit suggesting that war with Russia is a viable option, ya' moron.

That lady with the dogs is writing again. You should go check it out, as it contains many bits of meaty goodness.



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