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Monday, February 19, 2007

And what have we been listening to, of late: The Legendary Journeys

On our turntable riiiight now in fact, it's Grizzly Bear's Yellow House. Amazing, amazing stuff. So many questions tantalizingly raised and not even sort of answered. Bee and I went n' saw 'em the other night, so suddenly in love with their asses were we, and spent a fair amount of time talking about how many bands all smooshed together this band reminded us of. For me: Luna, mixed with My Bloody Valentine, mixed with the eerier Sufjan Stevens stuff. In particular, the song "On A Neck, On A Spit", which is either the creepiest love song I've ever heard, or is something else altogether that I can't begin to fathom.

Trying to find out what the song is that they play constantly on Sirius sattelite radio that sounds like '60's soul, with a woman singing, and the refrain is just, ""

Next show to be seen, and amazing album still in serious rotation roundabouts here: TV On the Radio's Return To Cookie Mountain, which seems to be another one of those breakup albums I love so much. In particular the song "Province", which contains the amazing line; 'Love is the province of the brave.'

Album I am so glad to own, and am amazed more people haven't heard: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. This album was originally given to me on a mix tape with the words 'Arthur Brown loses his shit', on it. Quite so. 1968 was a year to be ahead of one's time, especially in the 'I am a black man who has responded to the world be seeming crazy, so maybe you'll at least be amused by me, and later meditate on my lyrics'. No wonder he covers both Screamin' Jay Hawkins and James Brown ("I Got Money") here.

Still in heavy rotation: M. Ward's Post War; a beautiful, gentle meditation on...It All. "Lord it's good to be alive/takes the skin right off my hide/to think I might have to give it all up someday."
Dirty 3's Whatever You Love, You Are, especially the song, "I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night".
Low's The Great Destroyer, specially the song "When I Go Deaf".

Band that, it turns out, did most of those songs you loved, but never had any idea who did them: Three Dog Night!

Recently renewed appreciation for: Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast, especially the I-don't-really-think-he's-talking-about-being-gay song "The Prisoner": 'Break the walls; I'M COMIN' OUUUUT!'

Album I didn't know existed, but is great: Coltrane, by John Coltrane.

Band I can't find any recordings of in my local recorde shoppe: Tilly and the Wall. (I love them so much.)

Curious about: Bonobo

"Listening to" (i.e. reading): Barbara Tuchman's "The Proud Tower"

Actual post about something actual: soon



Blogger disco boy said...

"they wanted me to go to rehab, but is said no, no, no". amy winehouse "rehab". a brilliant, brilliant song produced by young mark ronson, son of mick ronson.

amy winehouse is a dronk. dig around on her, and you'll find story after story of her showing up to interviews, tv appearances, marketing meetings, radio promos and her own concerts well deep inside the bag. "rehab" lyrically nails a sentiment i can't recall ever appearing in song form. it rules.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Aunty Christ said...

Holy crap, DB. I googled Winehouse, saw her pic, and thought, "No way." The chick Rich is talking about--well, I had a definite image of what she should look like. And it wasn't ... that.

But bravo, Mr. Musical Genius. You nailed it, with very little to go on. And what a great song, eh? Thanks.

6:25 PM  

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