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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Sociopath

I was walking down the steps from Bitchslap's yesterday. He and the B-Lady are in Virginia, and I'm feeding their cats, taking in their mail. I see The Sociopath standing in the yard, and hail him.
We quickly exchange howdys, and I cut right to the point; "So, when's the rooster leaving?".
You see, he already has chickens in this, an inner city neighborhood, but that's fine. Chickens don't, as a rule, start crowing at sunrise, and continue for at least an hour following. The fact that he "accidentally" bought a rooster, knowing what I know of The Sociopath, says more to me about his sick need to experiment/fuck with people than his inability to delineate between barnyard fowl. This person lives across the street from me.
This particular person also is in the habit of taking pictures of the rest of us, in the neighborhood, without our permission. One evening recently, I was giving Simone a hug, telling her that I was glad to see her, and she says, "Why is that guy taking pictures of us?"
I turn around, and there's The Sociopath, who chooses to make us feel more comfortable about the whole thing by flipping us off. I've also seen him with a zoom lens, checking my action while I'm relaxing here in Bachelor Pad One. So he has lots of pictures of me flipping him off.
Now, he's not being driven by any political convictions of any sort, as far as I can tell; guy's just a freak. I suspect though, based on his lack of concern for anyone else's needs, that he'd have some half-ass reason for his shit, if questioned. Something along the lines of the problem really being my own, I suspect.
I received a message from Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) this evening. You know him. He was one of those people that 'the terrorists' sent an anthrax letter to, along with Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), Tom Brokaw, someone from the New York Times and several other high-profile liberals, shortly after The Nice Mister Ashcroft warned that there were sure to be terror attacks made with anthrax specifically. Not 'germ warfare', but 'anthrax'.
Then several Americans who were not famous received the packages, and died, just so we could all note the seriousness of those who had sent them, and I know that I wasn't the only one noting that if some Arabs on the other side of the world wanted those who were against them dead, they rather markedly went after the wrong people. My pal Booty (sorry folks; he's Lebanese) asked me, "Who would attack with a disease there's already a cure for?"
"The government," I immediately said. Mind you, I was in a bad mood, since we'd received a cinder block through the front window of the restaurant he and I worked in, that morning. Probably because a sand nigger worked there. Hard to say though.
In any case, Mr. Leahy reminded me that one of our two lady justices is leaving the fold, and how probably the world-destroyers currently running the show would try to put in some fool who wants to act like we're some damn teevee show from the '50's, which will lead to whatever is left of the Democratic party stalling, but not ultimately stopping, this horrible charade. He also reminded me that the legislative branch doesn't serve at the pleasure of the president: they're there to make decisions, so as to somewhat check the power of whatever imperial exec is currently in power. Said exec might be insane, you know, and Republicans are more than happy to admit that the Leg. is important when someone who wants to help people is in, and needs to be stopped, but now they're saying that since our current exec is so clearly not insane and obviously working for the good of us all, any argument is clearly mere obstructionism.
I'm not going to bother pointing out how many times The Chimp has lied. It's a matter of public record. I'm also not going to waste too much time on a history lesson concerning the rise of the Imperial Executive (LBJ overruling the Senate War Powers Act, over the Gulf of Tonkin 'incident'). And I'm certainly not needing to remind you of the words of the nice Mr. DeLay (R-Tx.) after he failed to change the fucking Constitution just to make some badly-needed political hay for himself; you know, about certain justices needing to feel the pain of their decisions...Suggesting that we all have the right to go after any judge we do not like with rocket launchers. Of course I needn't say that this administration has overthrown the rule of law so severely that they've changed the nature of the game. It used to be that if the cops came to drag me away, I could reasonably expect a fair trial (assuming that I was white). Now, hell; it seems like my odds are just as good shooting it out with them.
I'm just going to remind you of the words of Stereolab, who I'm listening to right now:
"If there's been a way to build it, there'll be a way to destroy it. Things are not all that out of control."
This is war, baby. Get it on.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, true believers on both sides have wanted this one for a while. I'm not sure how much I want to get involved, but I'm girding my loins just in case. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cool place you got here.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Erudite Redneck said...

Dude. Need. Pearls. Insight. Wisom. Rants. Anything. Urmphgrllf. :-)

7:30 PM  

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