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Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Potpourri

For a cheap laugh, go here:
And a tip of the cap to chief finder of things like this, Bobby Massage. She is at her best when she waxes indignant about these scurrilous rumors regarding her lip enhancement. Add audio to hear Melanie's voice!

From the 'Glad We Cleared That Up' Department:
From the cover of the Oregonian's Arts & Entertainment section today:
"The secret to the Rolling Stones' longevity? They're a great band."
Whew! Thanks. They don't pay you guys enough, you know?

I went and signed myself (as did Bobby) up for January classes with the local Public Cable Access. Rich Bachelor (the soap opera character) may finally hit the airwaves! And Rich Bachelor (me) will enhance his resume by finally learning how to work a camera, and edit things.
All types at that orientation. Nice to see; truly democratic.

I'm going down to see the kid tomorrow, which is a good thing. She's hanging at my mom's place, and I get to see what my mother looks like bald, by the way.

My fave Shakespeare quote:
"Forgive me, o bleeding piece of earth, that I am meek and gentle with these butchers."
Haw! That Marc Antony. Whatta kidder.

The next big charity auction my girlfriend is organizing (and I'm helping) is for World AIDS Day, December first.
Without getting too gallows humor on you here, isn't there a better name they could have used there? It sounds like the day we celebrate AIDS, or the day everyone in the world is infected with it. Another charity she's involved in (and I'm distributing fliers for) is Africa AIDS Response. A number of the AIDS charities around here are not exactly lining up to contribute, by the way, since they view this as detracting from the monies their org.s might gather.
It's a good thing I wasn't in that meeting. It would have been very hard for me not to start ranting along the lines of; "And where is AIDS at pandemic status? And where doesn't have nearly enough money or even doctors to fight it, ya' greedy fucks?"
Interestingly, when the money is collected, this organization doesn't deal with the governments at all, over there. One of their number (and this year, it might be MacBeth) goes to Mutare, Zimbabwe (Portland's sister city!) and gives it to some bag man who they've designated as trustworthy. There's probably more to it than that, but that's what I'm gettin'.

New fave album: Do Make Say Think's "and yet, and yet..." Post rock at its finest from those crazy Canucks who also comprise ...godspeed you black emperor!, Set Fire To Flames and Silver Mt. Zion.

(Hm. Whole lotta Shakespeare goin' on in this post.)

I learned the other day that methyl ethyl ketone, as well as being dandy for cleaning your CD player's lens, is a worthy adversary to a clogged bathtub drain. But remember: don't be hasty. If you try to test the drain with water too soon after, you'll get a faceful of chemical solvent fumes that'll lead to a not unpleasant high if you immediately leave the room and open all the windows, one hell of a headache if you don't.

Reading: "John Wayne's America" by Garry Wills. Excellent.

Tonight, Trivial Pursuit. This is a relatively wholesome evening for me, Gringa 1, Bitchslap and the B Lady. My lady is up in the mountains, and I am a garbagehead supreme. I usually win these things, but the happy B couple is even better.
Depends what genus you're using, too. On the 1980's one we all know and love, I'd say one in ten answers may literally be "Richard Nixon".

That's all I got. Gonna go see a movie. Fly low, stay cool.



Blogger the blood monk said...

the blood monk has spoken:

show some stones, will ya?

10:31 PM  
Blogger cats dig me said...

cats dig me said...
I see that our trucker friend has screwed around with his blog and made it infinitely more difficult for us (perhaps only a certain some of us) to post comments on his blog. Typical conservative move, when someone corners you with your own bullshit you cut them off and don't allow them to speak. As per usual, you all may easily and quickly leave your thoughts here at the space. (That's like Bill's "the zone" but with more truth and intelligence)

10:31 AM  
Blogger rich bachelor said...

I'm not sure what to make of that. Fact is, there is a way to comment over there: people have been doing so.
But now you need to ask yourself: is it really important to engage? I recommend that a reading of his (or Maness's, or Lone Ranger's) blog will give a fine overview of the talking points we'll be up against in the next election cycle.
For my own needs, it bothers me since I actually wanna talk to those guys. I'm not trying to convert them, but it's hella important that they hear a dissenting viewpoint. Does that mean that at times I've allowed them to set the terms of the debate? Of course.
And does it help? Yeah, I think so. They barely listen when you're polite and rational, so if you give them a reason to flame you, then they'll never hear.
This is why I spend a lot of time debating theological issues for someone who doesn't believe in god at all, and pointing out little paralells like, "You don't like Clinton due to X, and I don't like him due to Z..."
Gawd help me, I'm lookin' for common ground here, or if you will, sending them back to the nest with strange new ideas, so as to infect the others.
If 'showing some stones' includes ineffectual rants on their blogs, fergit it. I'd rather get a taste of the poison they're believing this week, send dispatches to the Democratic blog of my choice, and say-"Look; this is what you're fighting."
Not that I've done that, but so much of the political blogging has been insular and ineffectual. I want to bring it both to a higher level of discourse amongst people who disagree AND use it for political espionage.
Sorry. That shoulda been a posting.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Jacq said...

Quite a potpourri, indeed. Your diatribes get more and more interesting by the day. ;P

My weekend was quite draining, so I'm out of stuff to say for now. Shocking.

5:38 AM  
Blogger Mc"B" said...

As far as the term "Celebration" goes for World AIDS Day, it's used for many reasons. Mainly, we're not celebrating AIDS itself, we're celebrating the lives that have been lost to it and those still fighting the battle. We're also celebrating all those who are dedicating their lives to fighting it and trying to seek change. In the earlier years there was little to celebrate as so many people were dying, losing loved ones, and there just weren't enough answers or adequate care. While some of that (or a lot, depending on what you’re talking about) is still true, a lot has been done.

Many organizations still do things in a somber light publicly. The other group we’re working with holds a memorial service and reads all the names of those who died of AIDS locally in the past year. This is something valuable that should be done, but if you’re trying to reach the general public, raise awareness and money, and get your word out for support, it can also be a downer that loses people’s interest who never really cared that much about it to begin with. AAR (my group) is pushing the “Celebration” aspect to try to reach a wider audience than just those affected directly by AIDS. We’re hoping to create a lively space with food, drink and music to draw people out to have fun while participating in and supporting a worthwhile cause. Hope I don’t sound too much like I’m writing a brochure here…I just wanted to explain our choice of words.

4:12 AM  
Blogger Mc"B" said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:12 AM  
Blogger Mc"B" said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Mc"B" said...

well, as you can see this is the first time i posted on this, and while i didn't think it was did about four times.

4:19 AM  

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